Who Goes First/Last?

Use these questions when needing to decide who to go first or last for a presentation, discussion, question, etc.

1.     Closest birthday to 4th of July

2.     Who mowed the lawn last?

3.     Who’s wearing the most green?

4.     Who’s the youngest?

5.     Who’s the oldest?

6.     Who has the longest hair?

7.     Who has the shortest hair?

8.     Popsicle sticks

9.     Who has the most siblings?

10.  Whose first name begins closest to A in the alphabet?

11.  Whose last name begins closest to A in the alphabet

12.  Who’s last two digits of their phone number is the lowest?

13.  Who has traveled the furthest?

14.  Who most recently played an instrument?

15.  Who has the longest wingspan?

16.  Who has the shortest wingspan?

17.  Who most recently watched a sporting event?

18.  Who has the most pets?

19.  Who most recently went on a trip (60+ miles)?

20.  Who has the least syllables in their last name?

21.  Who has the biggest hands?

22.  Who has the smallest hands?

23.  Rock, Paper, Scissors

24.  Coin Flip

25.  Who is showing the lowest number of fingers?

26.  Who rolled the lowest number in dice?

27.  Who most recently finished a book?

28.  Who has most recently been to a movie theater?

29.  Who most recently got a haircut?

30.  Who has the most buttons on?

31.  Who was the last person to walk into the classroom?

32.  Who was the last person to stand up?

33. Who has the parent that’s oldest?

34. Who has the longest SnapChat streak?

35. Who went to Walmart most recently?

36. Who has longer socks on?

37. Who had the most recent birthday?

38. Who’s wearing darker pants?

39. Who’s wearing more layers of clothes?

40. Who shoveled snow last?

41. Who went swimming last?

42. Who woke up earlier?

43. Who woke up latest?

44. Who has a larger cell phone?

45. Who has more Tweets?

46. Who most recently went on a plane?

47. Who most recently was on a boat?

48. Who has the most syllables in their last name?

49. Who is wearing more pockets?

50. Who needs to renew their driver’s license the soonest?

51. Who has the oldest vehicle?

52. Who most recently went bowling?

53. Who most recently eaten pizza?

54. Who most recently cooked a meal?

55. Who has the brightest phone case?

56. Who went to bed the earliest?

57. Who was up the latest?

58. Who has a relative that lives the furthest away?

59. Who can go the furthest backwards in the alphabet?

60. Who most recently bought gasoline?

61. Who saw live music most recently?

62. Who most recently ate in a restaurant?

63. Who most recently ordered take out?

64. Who worked a shift most recently?

65. Who is wearing more jewelry?